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New Year, New Heart

Meet our first Gift of Life recipient for 2022, Victoria Oseguera Gomez. She is 2 1⁄2 years old and arrived from Honduras with her mother, Glenda, and father, Abner, on January 25th. The father speaks very little English.

We are so very grateful for Rotary’s generous support of FedEx Family House and Gift of Life patient families. Since we are currently unable to allow volunteers or visitors to enter FedEx Family House, due to COVID-19, here are some guidelines for your volunteers who will be delivering meals to individual Gift of Life families.

We are still in need of meals to help support each family. Taking a meal does not only meet their hunger need, but it also gives the family an opportunity to have some social interaction and get to know our volunteers. However, please pay close attention to listed diet restrictions when signing up to take a meal.

  • Ensure that all meals are individually packaged, clearly labeled with family’s name, and in a firm container that closes completely and/or with tape or plastic wrap
  • As you have before, communicate with the family re: what day and time meals will be delivered. The family can be contacted at (901) 305-0092.
  • Once confirmed with the family, please call the front desk at FedEx Family House at 901-322- 1971 to inform them of the time you will be delivering the meal. If they are expecting you, they will let you in through the entrance gate located in the back of the building.
  • A cart will be waiting outside of the back entrance to the main building for you to deposit the meal(s).
  • Once staff has received the meal, they will call the family to come get their meal (you may also call the family directly to let them know the meal has been delivered so they can come down to get it).
  • A Gift of Life volunteer will make a reminder call of the date and time you have signed up for. If you have a conflict, then please let us know.


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