Who We Are

Gift of Life Mid-South is a volunteer organization that consists of volunteers from Rotary, LeBonheur, FedExFamilyHouse, and others throughout the local community. Founded in 2007, Gift of Life Mid-South has grown substantially in the number of children served, the number of volunteers, and community involvement.


Gift of Life Mid-South is the ultimate definition of the Rotarian motto of “Service Above Self.” When one has the opportunity to help people who are in need and can’t help themselves, it is a gratifying fulfillment of this motto.

Our board of directors is made up of both Rotarians and non-Rotarians. We provide hospitality and compassion to families that are undergoing life-saving and life-changing experiences. It brings joy and smiles to all.

Gray Carter
Bob Chance
Becky Gallagher
Jane Hanafin
Sandra Hayne
Noah Kimball
Richard Large
Stephanie Lawson, Board President
Kerry Melson
Marty Petrusek
Bill Pickens, Founder, Gift of Life Mid-South
Bill Schrader
Susan Scott
Wendy VanCleve
Tom Wilson

Efforts to Help Children

Our efforts focus on treating children from third-world countries with congenital heart defects. These children would die if not treated and Gift of Life Mid-South’s efforts bring these children to LeBonheur and literally save their lives.

Success Saving Children in Need

Through October of 2015, 63 children have had their lives saved by our organization. Gift of Life Mid-South has had children as young as one month old to as old as 16 years old from countries including Jamaica, Nigeria, Honduras, China, Kosovo, Guyana, Uganda, Columbia, and Trinidad-Tobago.

An international effort to save lives and build goodwill without having to leave the Mid-South.

Rotary / Gift of Life International


Bill Pickens, Gift of Life founder with a happy patient

Gift of Life Mid-South is part of Gift of Life International (GOLI) and a network of more than 73 Gift of Life programs worldwide. Our program is one of 28 programs in the United States. Gift of Life International is a Rotary-based organization that over the past four decades has helped more than 18,000 children from emerging nations receive treatment for their heart disease. These children have come to the United States from 67 different countries and otherwise would not have been treated.

For it is true that when you cure the heart of a child you cure the heart of all humankind.